Customized NeuroStroll® exercise with a brain mat.

Want a fun and engaging way to make progress toward your most important business goals? The NeuroStroll® experiential exercise engages all parts of your brain and senses and provides intact leadership teams with a set of tools to accelerate your leadership success. We can customize the experience to the unique needs of your team.

Executive Education & Facilitation

You have your best talent at work developing strategy, designing products, fulfilling orders, and marketing and selling and managing the business. During a change process, however, you may need an objective outside facilitator to help them do their best new thinking. Ruben Consulting Group can both provide effective executive education and improve the quality of your meetings so that you can significantly improve your business results. We have years of experience designing and facilitating interactive working sessions that create alignment, commitment and action. Our guiding philosophy is that the “solutions are in the room.” So we design meetings and events that allow all voices to be heard. We are recognized for our ability to create a safe environment to raise and resolve difficult issues and to achieve genuine change.

Executive Coaching

Studies demonstrate that a handful of competencies distinguish superior managers and executives from average ones. That competency gap can be measured in dollars — in a company’s bottom line. Executive coaching can help close that gap and improve a company’s financial results. Several studies show that coaching produces a ROI of between six and seven times the cost of coaching. An outside coach offers an executive objective feedback, sound leadership practices with a path for adopting them, and unbiased guidance. You can use it as a refinement tool to add polish to key executives, a retention tool to reduce turnover and reward star performers, and a development tool to prepare your next generation of leaders.


We’ve helped design and facilitate off sties and retreats resulting in:

  • Concrete, actionable business strategies
  • A safe space in which tough issues are surfaced and resolved
  • Increased understanding and acceptance of differing leadership styles
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence skills Increased trust and collaboration leading to accelerated business results


We have facilitated scores of successful coaching processes with the following results:

  • CEO’s stay composed under pressure and more effectively communicate with their Board, their leadership team, and the broader organization
  • Hard charging executives gain emotional intelligence and collaboration skills
  • Micromanagers gain confidence to let go and empower their teams
  • Women leaders tangled in self-doubt gain confidence and executive presence and rise to new levels
  • Leaders uncomfortable with conflict learn to effectively give and receive difficult feedback
  • Leaders unable to persuade others demonstrate influence and political savvy skills